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TIO Libre Overview

TIO Libre Overview

Mission Statement

TIO Libre is a community of corporate service providers and experts who share the goal of providing freedom and loyalty to Web based outsourcing services.

The TIO Libre name derives from the notion of Total Information Outsourcing. TIO consists of implementing the information system of an organisation only by using Web based services such as Web Mail, Web ERP, Web CRM, Web Marketing, Web Translation, etc. TIO is currently based on technologies such as Web 2.0, Entreprise 2.0, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). TIO accelerates the adoption of new business applications by SMEs and small organisations and at reduced costs.

The Libre term in "TIO Libre" refers to the notion of Freedom and Loyalty in business. Whenever a provider of TIO services uses technical or legal methods to prevent its clients from migrating to another TIO provider, clients are no longer Free. Whenever a provider of TIO services takes the data of its clients and provides it to government agencies or to competitors, suppliers are no longer Loyal.

The TIO Libre community provides a truely Free and Loyal alternative to major suppliers of TIO services.